Where else I can use Quik Fender?

You can use Quik Fender on any shape and diameter rail, stanchion, cleat, lifelines, pilings. However, we recommend not use Quik Fenders over 10" diameter rail.

How Strong or durable is Quik Fender?

Quik Fender is designed to hold up to 600lbs. It is also sea water and UV ray protected.

Does Quik Fender work with life line/steel wires on a sail boat?

Yes. Quik Fender works on lifelines or steel wire on a sail boat.

What kind of line works with Quik Fender?

Any kind of line (double braid, single braid) diameter up to 1/2" works with Quik Fender. Polypropylene line works better than any other line. Softer lines tends to work better with Quik Fender.

Can I use Quik Fender with my Pontoon Boat rail?

Yes, Quik Fender can be used with square rail of pontoon boats. However, there must be a small space between your seat cushion and rail. Quik Fenders can be used on bimini bars, open door way rail or on a cleat.